Asbestos Removal Queensland
Twin Cities Asbestos Removal manages the entire process of asbestos detection, removal, and clean-ups for homeowners, businesses and industrial sites across Queensland. We are fully insured and licensed in the state of Queensland, with all certifications and permits in place to operate in this area.
Asbestos poses a serious health threat. Our team will ensure the material is handled safely and efficiently, eliminating the risk to you, your employees and your customers. For our work, we use top quality safety equipment, including P2 Sundstrom Asbestos Masks and Filters and Scribal Group PPE.
Come to Twin Cities Asbestos Removal for inspection, testing, reporting, monitoring, registration, full removal, demolition and more.
Asbestos Removal — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Removal & Demolition

It’s never safe to remove asbestos materials or demolish a building containing them unless you have the right training, certifications and safety equipment. Call in the experts at Twin Cities Asbestos Removal to get rid of all asbestos materials in your home, office, factory or any other property. We also assist with demolition work on buildings.
Removals — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Testing & Reports

To be sure a material contains asbestos, we take a sample and test it at our lab. If it does contain asbestos, we will advise you further. If not, the crisis is averted. We recommend testing is done before any demolition can take place, particularly properties built before 1990. Test results will all be included in a final report and you will receive a copy of it.
Tests & Reports — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Clean Ups & Monitoring

Asbestos cannot be cleaned up in the same way you would normally clean your home or business. Sweeping, vacuuming and other conventional cleaning methods can stir up the fibres and cause greater exposure. Our team will come in and clean up the asbestos materials in the safest way possible, using proven techniques for containment.
Any asbestos materials that are still in good shape may not need to be removed immediately. However, they must be monitored regularly to ensure they don’t become a risk over time. We’ll help you track asbestos in your buildings to keep you and your family, or your employees and customers, safe from exposure.
Cleanup — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Asbestos Registers

When asbestos materials are discovered at a commercial or industrial location, an asbestos register is required. This involves putting a management plan in place and monitoring the property with regular updates to the register. This register should be within easy access and updated every five years, at minimum. It should also be passed over to the next building manager or owner as required.
An asbestos register is not required for buildings built after 31st December 1989 or in cases where the property is unlikely to contain the material. Buildings that do not meet that criteria must keep an asbestos register even if no asbestos is ever found in the building.
Building — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Asbestos Inspection Reports

Buildings built or renovated before 1990 are at risk of having asbestos-containing materials (ACMs). You may not recognise all ACMs, which is why it’s essential to have a professional inspection before you start any remodelling, renovation or construction projects on your commercial, industrial or residential property.
Our licensed inspectors will search for ACMs on your property, identify risks and create a plan for removal or management of asbestos. All of this and more is detailed thoroughly in the inspection report, including locations of the ACMs, laboratory results and recommendations.
Inspection — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD