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Safe Asbestos Removal & Demolition in North Queensland

Dedicated to Safety
Twin Cities Asbestos Removal takes the stress out of asbestos inspections and treatment. From our location in Kelso, we serve residents, businesses and industrial sites all around the state, from Cairns to Bundaberg and across to Mount Isa.
If you’re worried about asbestos in your building, contact us first. We’ll come to analyse the material for confirmation. If we find asbestos on your property, we’ll make a plan for full removal and clean up. We can also demolish your property that contains asbestos if needed.
We are 100% insured. As a team of experienced and licensed professionals, our top priority is going through the process safely and efficiently — Trust Twin Cities for asbestos removal in Queensland.
Asbestos Inspection — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD
Here is what some of our previous customers have said about us:
Removal — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Our team carefully extracts all asbestos from your building, removing it completely from the premises. We also tear down properties that need to be rebuilt from the ground up.
Tests — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Before proceeding with removal or management, we perform testing and create reports to identify the asbestos type. We perform asbestos testing with certified laboratory facilities.
Clean-ups — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

There are strict procedures for cleaning up asbestos. We do thorough asbestos clean-ups and continue monitoring the property afterwards to ensure all risk has been removed.
Building — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

Your business may need an asbestos register or updates to the existing register. Find out more about asbestos registration in Queensland. Contact our friendly team to learn more.
Asbestos Inspection — Asbestos Removal in Kelso, QLD

When you need an asbestos inspection and report, turn to Twin Cities Asbestos Removal. We handle the entire inspection process and can arrange issuance of clearance certificates.